The British Pie Company was founded in 2013 in Pooler GA by Gillian Wagstaff and her 3 children Emma Wagstaff, Edward Wagstaff and Melissa Wagstaff. With Ed's skills as a Baker, Fishmonger and Butcher, and the family's ambition to start a new life in America, they opened their first location in Pooler GA on February 21st 2013, shortly followed by their second location on July 13th 2014 in Savannah GA.

In 2015, following the success of their two retail stores named 'Pie Society', the family branched out into the Wholesale Market. Today, The British Pie Company hand-makes thousands of pies which are frozen and sold to various Wholesale customers, including grocery stores, small shops and pubs across the US. 

In 2016, having outgrown their small kitchen inside their Pooler restaurant, the family moved their Bakery into a nearby facility and expanded into the world of Online Shipping. The British Pie Company ships frozen boxes of baked goods directly to customers across the country, in addition to frozen British meats, imported cheeses and other groceries. 

In 2017 the family focused back onto their retail business. This year saw the renovation of their flagship restaurant in Pooler with a fresh new look and new menu additions including authentic British Fish & Chips. 

In 2018, responding to the growth of Food Trucks operating in the Savannah area, the company introduced their truck 'Blue Betty' to their business. Betty travels out up to 7 days a week in the local area and can be booked for catering and events. She can often be seen at her regular haunts across Chatham county including local Food Truck Park Starland Yard. 

In 2019 the Savannah store enjoyed a renovation and new concept. Now a 'Pie House & Pub', the location in City Market became 'The Little Crown by Pie Society'. The name reflects the size of the location which is small and cozy. Now open late into the evening, The Little Crown serves a full bar with Imported European and local draft beers & ciders, as well as Craft Cocktails with quirky names after British Pop Culture such as Gandalf the Grey and Doctor Who.  The location expanded to take over two small artist studio rooms in the building's atrium which were themed as 'The Conservatory' and 'The Snug'. The Little Crown by Pie Society was officially launched in March 2020.